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“When Anxiety Attacks” is a gift of HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY from a leader who has made the “anxiety journey” himself.  Tyler Wolfe is so much more than just a “research guru” who has STUDIED anxiety.  He has LIVED it.


How do you face anxiety and depression?  Especially as a person of faith, how do you navigate the gnawing, internal questions when God does not speedily give you the answers you plead to receive?  How do you tell yourself not to be “anxious over being anxious?”  How do you avoid not becoming more “depressed over being depressed?” These are some of the painful, harsh realities that Tyler tackles in these next several pages.


Granted, this book is not for everyone.  Not everyone will experience anxiety so deeply that they struggle to get their next breath.  Not everyone will experience depression so painfully that they can barely pull themselves out of bed in the morning.  How do you fight back when the pounding heart and “dark cloud over your head” refuse to go away?


That’s what Tyler transparently shares with his readers in “When Anxiety Attacks.”  Read it with the confidence that these words come from someone who has genuinely LIVED and PROVEN them.  Then keep the book nearby after you read it yourself.  I guarantee you will find yourself loaning it out.  Perhaps, more often than you might even imagine right now.